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If you’re looking for a regular fuck buddy in New South Wales (NSW), signing up to our hookup site could be the best thing you decide to do. With a huge user base from New South Wales and horny people all aged 18+ signing up every day, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy!

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What is the sex dating scene like in New South Wales?

You might think that casual dating in NSW isn’t overly thrilling… if you’re not using the right apps and platforms! You don’t always want to go on real dates with people and start a relationship – sometimes, sex is all you want. We know this, and know how important regular sex is for people. We also know that sometimes, you need the thrill of a new partner! You might be surprised to discover that the sex and online dating scenes in New South Wales are actually much better than you first thought.

We cover the following areas in NSW:

Is Bang Down Under free?

Yes, signing up to us is totally free, and you can begin browsing people you might want to meet in an instant.

What is fuck buddy dating?

It is when you have a friend (e.g a fuck buddy) with whom you meet fairly regularly (when you want to bang). You don’t date each other, and as a rule, you don’t get attached. This doesn’t mean you don’t mutually respect one another – that part is extremely important. However, the relationships can vary depending on the people in them. It’s important you both have similar expectations, or feelings so nobody gets hurt – discuss whether you stay over, expect chatter time or cuddles or not.

Will my activity on this site, post on my Facebook or social media wall?

No, not at all! Your activity here is kept totally private, and will never be shared on any of your social media platforms. You can rest assured your adult life will stay secret for as long as you want it that way. Of course, if your hot colleague from work lives nearby, there’s nothing to stop them finding your profile… hehe.

How does online dating in NSW work?

Using our service, we are adult dating specialists, you can find casual fuck partners by simply signing up and browsing through the plethora of members who want exactly the same thing, using our free online dating in NSW service. You could go to a bar or a club, or even a coffee shop and lay your cards on the table, but most people will look for something more. Free online dating in NSW takes a lot of the legwork out of the process and moves things along much faster. It’s like being in a virtual club full of singles who all want to have an affair or a casual encounter – you just have to pick the one you like!

How do I make a good first impression?

It’s important you lay out your expectations early on so there are no crossed wires. However, mutual respect is still important when it comes to your new NSW fuck budy. It might not be a good idea to go in all guns blazing right away with dirty talk – although some people do like that. To make it easy: just be yourself. Do what feels right.

Are there real girls on there or bots?

Bang Down Under actively hunts and deactivates bots, providing only real girls – you’ll never be duped by a bot!

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